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Email Force is built on the same ROBUST platform as the Converzly Copy Engine. It’s super simple to use because it uses the same automation technology. It’ll quickly and effortlessly create you profitable emails for ANY product you’re promoting, in any ni

Archive Month: August 2020

COVID-19 is driving demand for low-code apps

Now that the great Y Combinator run is behind us, we’re returning to a topic many of you really seem to care about: no-code and low-code apps and their development. We’ve explored the theme a few times recently, once from a venture-capital perspective, and another time building from a chat with the CEO of Claris, […]

Warby Parker, valued at $3 billion, raises $245 million in funding

Warby Parker, the optical ecommerce whale, has today announced the close of a $245 million funding round from D1 Capital Marriage, Durable Capital Partners, T. Rowe Price, and Baillie Gifford. A source familiar with the company’s finances confirmed to TechCrunch that this imparts Warby Parker’s valuation to$ 3 billion. The fresh $245 million comes as […]

Take a closer look at Elon Musk’s Neuralink surgical robot

While the science was front-and-center in Elon Musk’s representation about Neuralink, his human brain computer inference company, the surgical robot the company debuted made a splash of its own. The rounded polycarbonate sci-fi design of the mentality surgeon bot looks like something out of the Portal franchise, but it’s actually the creation of Vancouver-based industrial […]

IFA’s executive director discusses why the tech show must go on

In June, the CTA announced that CES 2021 would go forward in-person. The phenomenon was set to have slipped under the wire — having narrowly by-passed a COVID-1 9-related shutdown two years in a row. A month last-minute, however, its organizers overruled route, announcing the January show was going virtual. Disappointing, perhaps, but not surprising. […]

Elon Musk demonstrates Neuralink’s tech live using pigs with surgically implanted brain-monitoring devices

Elon Musk-founded Neuralink has moved headlines over the past many years around it efforts to develop a brand-new kind of interface between the human brain and computing devices. On Friday, the company supported a demo of the technology, and Musk kicked off the demo by saying that the purpose of the entire presentation was banking […]

Mobile voting can ease polling place unease in the COVID-19 era

Jonathan Johnson Contributor Share on Twitter Jonathan Johnson is president of Medici Ventures and CEO of More announces by this help A look ahead at blockchain’s next decade Three challenges facing blockchain technology A bitterly fractioned nation heads into the 2020 presidential election with accusations of potential voter fraud, calls for retards and charges […]

Daily Crunch: Tesla targeted in ransomware attack

The Justice Department exposes a thwarted malware attack on Tesla, Facebook measures linking your report subscriptions to your social network account and Xiaomi has plans for under-screen cameras. This is your Daily Crunch for August 28, 2020. The big legend: Tesla targeted against ransomware attack The Justice Department exhausted a complaint Thursday describing a thwarted […]

This Week in Apps: Unreal Engine saved, Fortnite banned and TikTok talks to everyone

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the TechCrunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through it all. The app industry is as hot as ever, with a record 204 billion downloads and $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019. People are now spending three hours and 40 minutes […]

Google is pushing to get the Nest Hub in more hotel rooms

Given the number of rooms I’ve stayed in over the past couple of years that still boasted a 30 -pin iPod alarm clock, I think it’s a safe bet that refreshing a new technology isn’t high up on the list of priorities for most hotels. For those looking to offer a little tech hospitality beyond […]

harbor, an emergency preparedness platform, picks up $5 million in seed funding

Billion dollar natural disasters are on the rise in the United Commonwealth, according to CNBC. Even as I write, a typhoon is moving landfall in Louisiana while wild fervors rage in northern California. And those are just the big disasters. There were more than 1.3 million fires in the United Mood in 2018, and nearly […]

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