Archive Month: December 2019

A look ahead at blockchain’s next decade

Jonathan Johnson Contributor Share on Twitter Jonathan Johnson is the head of Medici Ventures and CEO of More announces by this donor Three challenges facing blockchain technology The road to the blockchain revolution has not always been smooth. Most tech experts agree that the feasibility of establishing new the enterprises and applications built on […]

Just how good was 2019 for wireless headphones? Very, very good.

Companies sold a lot of wireless headphones in 2019. You once known that though, right? What you probably didn’t know was precisely how many constitutes the aforementioned “a lot.” New quantities from Canalys molted light on those achievers. The experiment firm’s classification of audio products is a little wonky, but it drives the station dwelling […]

Does capitalism need a radical redesign to become more inclusive?

Designer Nina Montgomery gives up three innovation challenges for chairmen who say they want to broaden the purpose of business. At the beginning of the month, the leading role of the World Economic Forum declared that Milton Friedman was wrong. The purpose of business, they said, is no longer to maximize shareholder revenues above all […]

Samsung’s Vtouch Tech Lets You Interact WIth Devices Without Touching Them

A lot of our devices these days require us to touch them physically in order to interact with them. This does not constitute a bad thing but if you’ve ever wanted to live in a movie where we can interact with things without actually stroking them, Samsung seems to be taking steps in ensuring that […]

Commercial space is going mainstream in 2020

2019 was a jam-pack year for business space and cavity startups, but 2020 isn’t likely to see any kind of slowdown. In fact, it’s going to get a lot busier in a few key behaviors that could have the consequences of the driving even more enthusiasm, force and funding into the emerging seat tech industry. […]

In the shadow of Amazon and Microsoft, Seattle startups are having a moment

Venture capital investment exploded across a number of geographies in 2019 despite the constant threat of an economic downturn. San Francisco, of course, remains the startup epicenter of the world, slamming out all other geographies when it comes to capital gave. Still, other regions continue to grow, smoothing in more capital this year than ever. […]

Less guilt and more action is what works for women of color in tech

We need to move from regret to action with actual strategies that will increase the participation of underrepresented women of color in tech today. Now are three. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, we had PacMan everything. My father, who had a career in IT long before the industry boom, directed as a tech […]

Amazon Sued Over Ring Devices Being Susceptible To Hacks

Smart home devices are phenomenal fabrications. They cause us remotely self-restraint our brightness, entrances, home appliances, and more. It can also be automated which could also potentially be great for energy savings. However, their own problems with smart dwelling inventions is that because they’re connected to the internet, it means that they are also susceptible […]

Trialjectory uses self-reported clinical data to match cancer patients with clinical trials

Trialjectory, which develops a new technology service to match cancer patients with clinical contests, had given rise to $ 2.7 million to finance its continued growth. Led by Contour Venture Partners, the new financing will be used to accelerate Trialjectory’s operations by lending more clinical ordeals for different cancer types and expanding the company’s outreach […]

No, Spotify, you shouldn’t have sent mysterious USB drives to journalists

Last week, Spotify sent a number of USB drives to reporters with a notation:” Play me .” It’s not uncommon for reporters to receive USB drives in the announce. Business assign USB drives all the time, including at tech meetings, often containing promotional materials or enormous documents, such as videos that would otherwise be difficult […]

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