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Archive Month: November 2019

What “impact” means to these business leaders

Members of Fast Company’s Impact Council talk about remember globally, behaving locally, attempting diverse input, and patrons first. Late last year, when Fast Company sought to come up with the refer for a new leadership group made up of benefactors, inventive managers, and inventive businessperson, one word immediately came to mind: “impact.” The expression accurately […]

This network of microphones listens for the chainsaws of illegal loggers in the rainforest

Rangers can only be in so many sits at once, but this new technology can alert them to where deforestation is taking place. On a red-hot period this spring, Topher White hiked into the Rio Canande Reserve in Ecuador, abused a slingshot-like device to fling a line high up into a tree, and started descending […]

Why this generation needs more (relatable) entrepreneurial role models

Not every financier is a twentysomething developer living in Silicon Valley. Ask the average Silicon Valley twentysomething if they’ve ever considered founding a company, and fortunes are–they’ve already started one. If not, they’ll almost certainly know someone else who has. They’re probably aware of a whole host of people involved in founding and funding the […]

The first effort to regulate AI was a spectacular failure

Albert Fox Cahn participated in New York City’s process to understand how automated decision organisations are affecting its citizens. But, he writes, the historical, well-intentioned initiative departed” horribly inaccurate .” When I stepped into the City Hall boardroom, it was filled with the anxious force of the first day of academy or a new job. […]

Social equity must be central to urban tech innovations

The lesson to learn from so many tech acts that have selected protest: social equity must become primary to every project that sounds data-hungry tech to deliver citizen services. Sidewalk Labs, the urban innovation arm of Alphabet, had grand aspirations to create a prototype smart city in Toronto, fitted with a smart electricity grid, underground […]

Uber loses its license to operate in London

But Ubers will continue to operate in the city as the company requests the move. Uber has lost its license to operate its ride-hailing service in London, the Guardian reports. The city’s transportation regulator, Transport for London, said Uber was afflicted by a” decoration of defaults ,” which led to its decision. One of those […]

These invisible barcodes make plastic more likely to be recycled

By making it possible for recycling facilities to quickly scan a bottle or parcel and learn what it’s made of and where it’s from, this new tech could reach recycling more efficient and accurate. Today, when you recycle a plastic container, it goes to a material recovery facility, where it must be identified and sorted. […]

The protests at Google are about free expression, not money

Googlers are organizing, but not to organize a union. They say want to restore the open culture they that drew them to the company in the first place. Google employees are organizing, and the company is trying to squash the effort-or so the workers charge based on the company hiring a labor-busting consulting firm( as […]

Hyundai and Seoul set to test self-driving cars on city roads starting next month

Hyundai issued and signed a memorandum of agreement( MOU) with the city of Seoul to begin testing six autonomous vehicles travelling along superhighways in the Gangnam district beginning next month, BusinessKorea reports. The arranging specifics that six vehicles will begin testing on 23 roads in December, and then looking ahead to 2021, there will be […]

VEnvirotech transforms organic waste into bioplastics

After a year of testing out environmental engineerings for a private corporation, co-founder Patricia Ayma developed a process for bioplastic production using bacteria. The system turns organic matter, such as food waste, into a commodity that can be used as a biodegradable alternative to single-use plastics. “I realized that it was a simple technology for […]

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