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Commission Bullseye is a Wordpress plugin that lets you place geo targeted content on your blog.  Display Amazon ads for multiple countries, show certain content or ads to targeted locations and more. 

Archive Month: February 2019

Good news for slobs: These hotel rooms clean themselves

Copenhagen’s Hotel Herman K and the brand-new Hotel Ottilia integrate technology that allows the rooms to perfectly deodorize themselves each morning. Ever since we were kids, beings have been telling us to clean up after ourselves. Well guess what, chaps. Thanks to technology , now we don’t have to. Copenhagen’s Hotel Herman K and the […]

Samsung has sold 2 billion Galaxy phones

Samsung announced its most expensive phone today, but it also shared the progress it’s made still further in exchanging a whole lot of Galaxy smartphones. Onstage, Samsung Electronics president DJ Koh informed the committee that over the past decade, the company has sold more than 2 billion Galaxy devices. The company has more than really […]

This is how Netflix changes everything

Our new serial considers how the once-modest streaming app grew the most important companionship in purchasers’ lives today and is altering everything. On Sunday night, at about 11:13 PM Eastern time, Roma’s name was called as a nominee for the Academy Award for Best Picture. For just a few seconds more, the producer and distributor […]

Two is better than one — save $40 when you bundle the Amazon Echo Spot

If you’re all about having a smart dwelling, owning really one smart auxiliary maybe doesn’t cut it. To truly ascertain your dwelling with singer activation, you need smart assistants in various chambers so that you’re always within straddle to make a command. Purchasing various smart devices can leave a reasonably hefty loophole in your pouch. […]

The best tech of Mobile World Congress 2019

Mobile World Congress returned in full force with the most interesting portable innovations we’ve seen in years. Foldable telephones and 5G stole the show in Barcelona. It was all but impossible to escape these two big-hearted tendencies at the year’s largest portable event. As expected, Samsung and Huawei predominated MWC with telephones like the Galaxy […]

Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran 1143 : Neil I. Park DMD, FAGD, DICOI, VP

Dr. Neil Park is Glidewell Dental’s vice president of clinical affairs. After receiving his DMD from Temple University School of Dentistry, Dr. Park rehearsed dentistry for 12 times before beginning his career in the dental implant manufacture. For the past two decades, Dr. Park has held top leadership plights at business such as Nobel Biocare […]

Sorry folks: Foldable phones aren’t very good right now

How evoked are you about Android tablets, in general? How about a small Android tablet, smaller than an iPad mini? One with controversial app patronage, and an UI that will likely make some time to polish? How about a dense, ponderous phone with a huge price tag? Well, those two things are what you get […]

Modern Fertility’s $159 at-home test is revolutionizing fertility medicine

Their finger-prick technology impels birthrate experimenting immediate, cheap, and( virtually) painless. Company Profile 50 Most Innovative Companies Modern Fertility began selling its $159 home fertility test last May, the first to appraise eight reproduction-related hormones from a finger-prick sample. Recent medical advances have formed finger-prick testing number for drug analysis, nutrition monitoring, and HIV screening, […]

This image-authentication startup is combating faux social media accounts, doctored photos, deep fakes, and more

Truepic’s technology is already used by the U.S. State Department and others. The startup now wants to get social media fellowships on board. Company Profile 50 Most Innovative Companies Early one morning in April 2017, a series of frightening photos and videos began punching Facebook and YouTube demo civilians in a rebel-held sphere of northern […]

Ikea’s new curtains purify the air inside your house

The technology drudgeries like photosynthesis, exerting sunlight and a substance coating to destroy indoor pollutants. The World Health Organization says that air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk on the planet. It makes heart and respiratory ailment, cancer, and stroking. Scientists attribute 1 of every 8 deaths caused by those maladies to pollution. And […]

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