Archive Month: June 2018

Big banks are exploiting a risky Dodd-Frank loophole that could cause a repeat of 2008

Michael Greenberger, who warned about the risk of a financial crisis 10 years ago, is worried that the Trump administration is doing nothing to close a new loophole that allows banks to take huge risks. A decade ago, when the global economy crashed, many economists, financial regulators, investors, and so-called experts were caught by surprise. […]

Of course Jack Dorsey published Notes screenshots to Twitter

In an attempt at transparency, Dorsey takes a lazy cue from sheepish celebrities. What is the future of Twitter, you may ask? And the answer is: I don’t know! The social network has been under fire for what seems like ever. First, the platform helped the rise of trolls during the GamerGate saga. From there, […]

Hirshhorn Museum’s new interactive guide swaps docents for image-recognition tech

Hirshhorn’s new museum guide lets visitors scan the art with their phones to unlock the story behind it. The next time you’re at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn gallery in Washington, D.C., don’t be surprised to see people scanning the artworks. The gallery has just unveiled its new museum guide, Hirshhorn Eye (Hi for short). It uses state-of-the-art […]

Baidu and Ford China team up to bring AI and connectivity to the driving experience

China’s Baidu continues to make inroads in the automotive space after it inked an agreement with Ford China that will see the two companies work together to make the driving experience smarter in China. The two companies have collaborated before, most notably by jointly investing $150 million into LiDAR sensors startup Velodyne, and this China […]

This AI matchmaker could mine Twitter to find you a date

Researchers built an algorithm that could spot a love match from public social media data. A new deep learning algorithm called CoupleNet analyzes the tweets of two users and estimates how compatible the duo would be. It’s a different approach than dating sites and apps like or Tinder that rely on their data and […]

AT&T’s Time Warner deal and net neutrality’s end gave us WatchTV

When the federal government approved a mega-merger and undid Obama-era internet policy, it paved the way for AT&T’s new streaming service. The Time Warner premium video bundled into new “unlimited” wireless plans from the media giant’s new owner, AT&T, will be zero-rated, or streamed without impacting a subscriber’s monthly data allowance. CNN, TBS, TCM, and other […]

Retailers can’t out-Amazon Amazon, but they can change the rules

One marketer and privacy expert says consumer brands should double down on customer service, not Amazon-esque data tracking, to differentiate themselves. I work in marketing, which means I’m always trying to sell you something. It’s a tough business, made even more so by the fact that people react negatively to persuasion. Worse yet, for many […]

Four things you need to know about new Disney Animation chief Jennifer Lee

The Frozen impresario who now takes over all of Walt Disney Animation is far less well known than her predecessor John Lasseter, but there are clues as to what motivates Lee and how she’s likely to lead. This week the long-simmering parlor game over Disney and Pixar’s future was finally resolved when Disney announced that […]

Here’s IGTV: Instagram’s vertical answer to YouTube

The social network just announced its long-rumored video service. At an Instagram event this morning in San Francisco, CEO Kevin Systrom strode onstage and began talking about “old and outdated,” “clunky and unnatural” video services that make you watch horizontal-oriented videos on a vertical smartphone screen and expect you to search or browse to find […]

Are you ready to ditch your bank? SoFi is betting its future on it

Today the fintech startup is unveiling SoFi Money, a mobile-first checking and savings product. At first glance, SoFi’s banking app, which launches today, is no different from the existing options on the market. It comes with a debit card, enables peer-to-peer payments, and accepts mobile check deposits. The interface, like that of many banking apps, […]

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