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1620 Nick Greenfield, CEO of Candid, on Redefining Orthodontics through Telehealth & Clear Aligners

Nick Greenfield is the CEO of Candid, an oral healthcare systems company be concentrated on redefining the orthodontics list with the first ever clear aligner system geared toward telehealth-first care. In addition to founding Candid, Nick helped to start Redesign Health, a bet studio focused on building the next generation of healthcare corporations which has raised $250 million dollars since inception and has 15 companies and counting in its portfolio that have all been ideated internally and propelled from scratch. Prior to Candid, Nick was the COO at Paribus( acquired by Capital One) and one of the first works at Lyft where he facilitated open eight groceries starting with San Francisco, and moving on to Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, and Washington DC. Nick also dishes as an advisor to a number of startups across the technology landscape.

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