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Uber’s adds another director to its board: Flex CEO Revathi Advaithi

Uber has a new, independent board member, registers a new SEC filing: CEO Revathi Advaithi of 51 -year-old Flex, which is among the world’s largest electronic both manufacturers and competes against Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology. Advaithi, a mechanical technologist who grew up in India with four sisters, was appointed to the top racket in February of […]

Police roll up crime networks in Europe after infiltrating popular encrypted chat app

Hundreds of alleged drug dealer and other crimes are in custody today after police in Europe infiltrated an encrypted schmooze arrangement apparently used by thousands to discuss illegal operations. The total failure of this ostensibly stick approach of communication will likely have a chilling effect on the shadowy industry of crime-focused tech. “Operation Venetic” was […]

Dating app S’More adds blurred video calling and launches in LA

The pandemic hasn’t slowed down dating app S’More — at least according to CEO Adam Cohen-Aslatei, who was indicated that the app’s daily active used weigh redoubled in March and hasn’t gone down since. ” When parties are working form home, the government has much more is necessary to dedicate to their relationships ,” Cohen-Aslatei […]

US plans to rollback special status may erode Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem

For two months, the people of Hong Kong waited in suspense after China’s legislature approved a new national defence ordinance. The legislation’s details were finally made public yesterday and almost immediately went into effect. As many Hong kong citizens residents dreaded, the broadly written new law generates Beijing lengthy authority over the Special Administrative Region […]

Intel to invest $253.5 million in India’s Reliance Jio Platforms

Intel said on Friday it will invest $253.5 million in Jio Platforms, joining a roster of high-profile investors including Facebook, General Atlantic, and Silver Lake that have backed India’s top telecom operator in recent months. The American chipmaker’s investment arm said it is acquiring a 0.39% stake in Jio Platforms, giving the Indian firm a […]

Mary Meeker’s Bond backs Indian online learning startup Byju’s

Indian online study startup Byju’s has nearly redoubled its valuation in a year as it includes one more high-profile name to the list of its sponsors: Bond. In a statement on Friday, Bangalore-based Byju’s said it had raised an undisclosed extent from the VC fund co-founded by Mary Meeker. The first-female founded VC firm’s check […]

Are virtual concerts here to stay?

The COVID-1 9 pandemic pushed the music industry to experiment severely with virtual concerts. Historically, musicians and their overseers have been careful about challenging the traditional concert framework that became their primary source of income as revenue from album auctions disappeared. Is the current surge of virtual concerts now to stay or will it be […]

All the tech in Ford’s most important vehicle: the 2021 F-150 truck

Ford flattened out all the stops Thursday night for the reveal of its all-new F-1 50 truck, right down to the splashy videos dominated by electric guitar riffs. Heck, the automaker even thrown the sharp-tongued Denis Leary as its MC. Of course , nothing of that really materials. It’s all about what Ford has done […]

Microsoft needs to stop selling surveillance to the NYPD

Microsoft’s decision not to sell facial recognition to the police means nothing if the company won’t stop selling the Orwellian Domain Awareness System to the New York Police Department. When Microsoft announced to much fanfare that they wouldn’t sell police facial acknowledgment, almost no one questioned the urgent follow-up question:” What about your other surveillance […]

Samsung Launches A New Wireless Charger That Sterilizes Your Phone

If you were to think about it, would a toilet seat be clean than your smartphone? Given what we do in the toilet, it would be reasonable to think so, but the reality is that studies have found that our telephones are actually dirtier due to our hands touching it, and our hands touch just […]

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